Eyeseryl (Acetyl tetrapeptide-5) 200mg

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Eyeseryl (Acetyl tetrapeptide-5) 200mg

Eyeseryl (Acetyl tetrapeptide-5) 200mg

Eyeseryl is the common name of acetyl tetapeptide-5, a short peptide that is of interest to the research community for its ability to fight puffiness and bags under the eyes for animals in lab experiments. It is claimed that it can reduce puffiness by reducing capillary leak and thus reducing fluid accumulation in the skin under the eyes. It is also claimed that Eyeseryl can strengthen the skin under the eyes to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles1.

Sequence: (Three-Letter Code): Ala-His-Ser-His
Molecular formula: C20H28N8O7
Molecular weight:492.48572 g/mol<br >

Research Application:

The cosmeceutical industry has taken a keen interest in peptides like Eyesryl, which can influence any number of biological processes such as inflammation, pigmentation, cell proliferation, angiogenesis, innate immunity, and extracellular matrix synthesis2. Eyesryl, in particular, has been investigated for its ability to influence vascular permeability, which not only plays a role in the appearance of “bags” under the eyes, but in a number of disease processes as well.

Eyeseryl is also of interest because it prevents glycation from occurring. Glycation is a natural process in which a protein (or fat) is bound to a sugar molecule. The process results in impairment of the functioning of the protein. In the case of skin, glycation of collagen and elastin decreases skin strength, reduces elasticity, increases the number of fine lines and wrinkles, and even leads to mild skin discoloration. Collagen, in particular, is susceptible to glycation. Preventing glycation is one key to keeping skin looking healthy and youthful.

What Is Eyeseryl?

Eyeseryl (also called acetyl tetrapetide-5) is a short peptide that has become increasingly popular among researchers in the cosmetics industry over the last twenty years. By fighting both glycation and vascular permeability, eyeseryl is able to combat two the primary processes of aging that affect skin appearance and resilience2.

What Does Eyeseryl Do?

The primary effect of eyeseryl is to prevent glycation. Its secondary effect is to decrease vascular permeability. Neither effect is completely understood, but animal research indicates that the combination of effects can reduce the dark, puffy, “bags” that form under the eyes.

Eyesryl Research for Eye Puffiness and Bags

About 70% of the animal subjects in a 30-day trial of eyesryl were found to have reduced puffiness under their eyes along with a reduction in the dark coloration associated with “bags.” Those results are more significant than those produced by existing alternatives such as a caffeine and sorbitol.

According to Lipotec, the maker of Eyeseryl, regular use can reduce capillary leaking by up to 50%, a substantial amount. This not only has a direct effect on puffiness, but can reduce glycation as well by reducing the amount of sugar that enters the extracellular matrix and comes into contact with collagen and elastin.


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